Are reputation scores real?

The company has made changes to the website over the past month and has introduced a new feature that allows people to delete their reputation profile for free. To delete a profile, a person must send a copy of their photo ID to the website. The extraction usually takes 48 hours, according to MyLife. Like a credit score, your reputation score can range from “Very Bad” to “Excellent.” Your real score reaches a maximum of 800 points.

People with higher scores are statistically more likely to get career opportunities than those with lower scores. With Reputation, a “good reputation score” would be anything higher than 600 (on a scale from 0 to 1000). An industry standard reputation score is around 525, and while it's better than a bad reputation, it won't do much to make a company stand out from its competitors. Once a reputation score exceeds 600 centimeters, it's an indication that a company is on the right path to building a positive reputation.

A number of companies check their personal reputation score based on the size and quality of their digital presence. With each element identified and analyzed, your personalized online reputation analysis produces a net reputation score. But whatever it is, that negative element is usually all it takes to damage the opportunity and drag your personal reputation score through the mud. Once each item has been confirmed and evaluated, your personalized online reputation analysis generates the final reputation score that indicates the overall quality status of your online image.

Generating your reputation score and your free report card is an excellent first step you can take right now to gain a deeper understanding of your company's reputation. Recruiters and human resources professionals say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions. Forget about sinking your reputation score (don't really do it): unprofessional behavior on the Internet prevents you from being hired. The company compiles the components of its online presence and measures its reputation score in MyLife on a scale of one to five, where one indicates poor and five represents excellent.

ReviewTracker's reputation score and scorecard should help take the guesswork out of your reputation management strategy. Reputation Station helps protect your reputation with up-to-the-minute information online, but there is a process that must be followed. This process results in a reputation score, which is used to determine the effectiveness of your online communication. A reputation score indicates what people see and think of you after searching for your name online.

The scores in the 700 are even higher and, once a company scores higher than 850, it can be considered “the best in its class”. By regularly monitoring their online reputation, organizations can avoid losing a significant percentage of new company sales and potential customers.

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