What are the elements of reputation?

VISION project slide that illustrates the four basic elements of reputation management and examples of each. Professional reputation management consultants approach the reputation strategy of each company or individual based on their individual needs. Evaluating your current online presence is critical. A reputation expert uses the results of this type of assessment to create a personalized reputation monitoring plan.

Since the goal of online reputation management is to maintain a positive image on all media networks, those networks must be regularly monitored for activity. This element is key to determining the actions to be taken in the repair and development of reputation. Reputation monitoring can include routine evaluations of social media platforms, examining search result rankings, and tracking relevant press. Reputation monitoring focuses on continuously evaluating how you are perceived online.

This element is key to determining the actions to be taken in repairing reputation and building reputation. If you actually ranked these items from 1 to 5, this should be one of the elements of reputation management that you shouldn't overlook. What could be the most important element in managing corporate reputation is showing humility in both positive and negative situations. Monitoring these and many other review websites is an essential element in managing and maintaining a company's reputation.

And maybe this is one of those elements of reputation management that links to another one on this list.

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