Why is it important to protect your reputation?

Protecting your reputation goes beyond personal reputation. For businesses of any size, protecting their online reputation is critical to the validity of their brand. Establishing a positive online reputation allows your customers to trust your company and build healthier relationships between them and your customers. Too often, people wait until it's too late and have to drag themselves out of crises.

It's much easier and more effective to create and manage a positive reputation than to control the damages of a tarnished reputation. Protecting your online reputation is a long-term strategy that strengthens your brand's search landscape against future unknown threats. Protecting brand reputation means using an SEO-based strategy to boost the positive listings that appear for your brand on search engine pages (SERPs) before harmful content appears. Self-esteem is what protects you when a stranger treats you as if you were stupid because you have tattoos, or like a criminal because of the color of your skin or because your religion has a bad reputation in some circles.

The amount you'll spend on protecting business reputation depends entirely on your company and its needs. Excellent reputational protection services take both an offensive and a defensive approach when appropriate. We see online reputation management as a lasting partnership to restore, strengthen and protect your online image with uncompromising integrity. In short, if your search engine marketing strategies and crisis management plan don't include brand protection, you're leaving money on the table.

Just as you would insure your car against accidents, it's equally important to protect your online reputation. Reputation protection encompasses the entire search landscape of your brand, industry, CEO and your competitors. The goal is to establish a protective barrier for positive content that defends your reputation against negative search results. When you protect your online reputation, you see value across your organization, from your partnerships to your hiring efforts.

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